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Sponsoring Artists using Fine Art Firm Global platform is very simple and we will gladly guide you through the process. After the initial intent is made by the Sponsor all financial and any other arrangements are decided directly with the Artist or representing Agent as they can be modified and tailored to specific mutual needs and benefits.


You will simply fill out a short form, and we will communicate to the Artist your interest in Sponsorship. It is not necessary, but recommended, that initial request is done through us as we keep each request in our records for future reference. The records can be later requested at any time by both Artists and Sponsors. If the Artist has a website, social media or any form of contact information listed with us Sponsors are welcome to approach Artists directly. Either way, we do not receive any compensation from Sponsors, or collect any commission from Artists.

We propose four types of Sponsorships: Direct Purchase, Commissioned Work, Investment in Artist's Advancement, and Sponsoring an Event. First two are self-explanatory. The other two are fair exchanges which are financially beneficial to both Artists and Sponsors.  When you as a Sponsor express an interest in particular Artist’s work or career we create a record of that interest and immediately connect you with that Artist or representing Gallery. In the form provided on separate page (click on Sponsor an Artist button below) you will let the Artist know of your interest, select type and level of Sponsorship and start your Sponsorship process. Our proposed Sponsorship levels vary from $100 - $500 up to $10.000 and more.

Sponsorships through Fine Art Firm Global are designed not only to serve as a direct purchase or commissioning a piece of Art, but also as an advancement of Artist's career by supporting substantial increase of Artist’s exposure and marketing power. It could be used for participation in reputable National and International Art Shows and Expos, or advertising in professional well subscribed Art Magazines and Publications. Sponsorship can be also very helpful with installation projects, corporate and public Art proposals, happenings, pop-up galleries, or any events that are directly beneficial to the Artist. In exchange for their investments and support Sponsors obtain pieces of art at great value.

​The idea behind our approach is to benefit both, Artists and the Sponsors. We want to create a Win-Win situation that can create new opportunities for Artists and give Sponsors great satisfaction of effectively influencing Artist's career.

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