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Our choices are based strictly on the following important principles which, in our opinion, define making of a genuine Fine Artist: creative challenge and integrity, indisputable talent, evident skill, well controlled execution, and consistent confidence in taking-on chosen subjects and mediums.


We conduct our Global research daily and will invite new group of Artists each month hoping that Visitors recognize the quality of our carefully and methodically crafted selection. We never use algorithms or categorized searches. Many times we choose an Artist without any hesitation, but sometimes we need to go deeper into the Artist's portfolio to define our choices wisely and justifiably. Our multilingual search takes a tremendous amount of time and discipline. We have looked at tens of thousands of persons already, but our research is still far from being over. It is continuously evolving and expanding, aiming to reach even the most culturally isolated places on the Planet. Just like all of us, you might prefer one Piece of Art over the other, but we are most confident that each Artist here is unquestionably gifted, respects importance of craft and treat her/his work seriously. There is quite a range in our Collection, from mind-blowing and breath-taking to more casual and less exciting, but we stand firmly behind our choices. Artists we select are excellent at what they have chosen to do, and importantly, have well developed skills and fundamental tools to express their ideas. The ideas without the skill and understanding importance of competence don't hold much artistic value or substance. In our opinion it is the taste, not the Art, which is in the Eye of the Beholder. We strongly believe that there is much more to what classifies an image or an object as a Piece of Art than just a preference, an opinion, or self-proclamation.

We welcome you to challenge us, to critique us, to make a case against some of our choices, or to propose Artists you believe should be recorded in our libraries. We feel professionally obligated and personally grateful to the Artists we choose, and like them and for them, we want to continuously strive for excellence. 

To purchase Artwork please contact Artists directly or the Galleries they are represented by. 


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