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In the age of Internet and the last few decades of cultural nonchalant tolerance in Art, today’s so called Art market is flooded with millions of images tangled together in the maze of data manipulated by algorithm driven search engines. Unfortunately only a small percentage of that enormity represents true artistic value, integrity, talent and overall quality. For the most part excellence is mixed with, or covered by layers of confusing clutter. Also, by gradually lowering our standards of what we consider a Piece of Art we create a dangerous acceptance of average or even strikingly foolish or bad. Today’s artistic “open-mindedness” too often doesn't represent liberation of the Creative Spirit, but instead, it gives a free pass to producing, reproducing and selling mediocrity, and furthermore falsely encourages people who are unaware of how incapable they really are of creating a Piece of Art. We are living in a culture of being criticized for hurting someone’s feelings, even if it means to falsely confirm them in their self-proclamation of being somebody they might be not. So often, even with the best intentions, we encourage people to pursue their fantasies of becoming an Artist without knowing a real-life challenges of choosing life as one. We label almost everything that is sketched, painted, shaped or sculpted as a Piece of Art. This falsehood doesn’t do anyone any good, and especially is harmful to those with true talent, excellent skill, artistic purpose and original creativity. Combination of fast speed of life, lack of Art Education, and constant self-entertaining fades artificially created by influential figures in Art industry, creates an unspoken confusion in viewing Art and consequently insecurity in making a satisfying and enjoyable Art buying experience. This propels drop of interest in good Art due to lack of confidence, and very often, inability to differentiate good Art from bad Art.    

Our hope is to have a small impact on shifting that trend and to give our Viewers a consistent, well organized, guided and assured getaway to currently created high quality Art. We want to generate a place of consistence and confidence, both for the Artists and the Visitors. Our goal is not to compete. On contrary, we want to expose and help those Galleries which represent Artists listed with Fine Art Firm Global. Our choices are very careful, methodical and deliberate.  We not only aim to showcase and to promote exceptional living Painters and Sculptors from around the World to potential Collectors and Patrons, but also introduce them to Art Galleries, Art and Cultural Institutions and Art Educators all around the Globe. We will also try to reach as many young people as possible to influence their artistic sensitivities, and to create more educated and knowledgeable generation of Art Patrons and Collectors. Nothing like this will ever happen overnight, but each step in that direction is an important one, and task like this requires patience, consistency and sense of commitment.


Please note that Artists researched for our records are not represented by Fine Art Firm. We do not sell Art or collect any commissions from the Artists. Fine Art Firm is strictly focused on and dedicated to finding and exposing finest quality in Art, and to creating cross continental awareness of what is being done by some of the Best in the World today. We simply want the Best to be more accessible, more recognized and deservedly easier to find on the Global stage. Except satisfaction and sense of purpose we won’t benefit from the size of exposure, but these great Artists and the Art in general definitely will. 

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