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Wojtek Pilczynski came to the United States in 1986 days after finishing one of the oldest and the most prestigious economic Universities in Europe - Warsaw School of Economics. He came on a six month tourist visa with no intentions to immigrate. After many unexpected twists of faith he was forced to make a decision between returning to Poland for good, or trying his luck in the U.S. After a hard internal debate, with the prospect of starting his life almost from scratch, he chose the latter.

After many odd jobs, from pumping gas in NYC to waiting tables and bartending in Florida, landscaping and teaching downhill skiing in Vermont, Wojtek tried to build his career in high-end restaurant and hospitality business in New England.  By 1996, after extensive travel in Europe and United States, he had run two restaurants, started a non-profit Art Gallery for New England undiscovered talents, managed elegant boutique B&B in renowned Coastal Town, and worked as Sommelier in upscale French dining establishments.

In 1997 he returned to his love from childhood and young adulthood - Art. Born and raised in the heart of Warsaw, Poland Wojtek was growing up surrounded by Art Museums, Art Galleries, Theatres, Opera, Concert Halls, Old Architecture and Antiques with a deep appreciation for rich History of Europe.

Since 1997 till today he has devoted most of his life to promoting creativity of others with the main focus on quality and potential of each Artist, either unknown and promising talents or internationally recognized painters and sculptors from various parts of the World.

Between 1997 and 2015 Pilczynski had designed, created and operated five Fine Art Galleries with two of them rewarded by American Art Awards for The Best in the State, and 25 Best Art Galleries in the United States and had established clientele and connections on five continents.

He organized over a seventy Art Exhibits and Openings, screened, interviewed and evaluated over 1000 Artists, worked closely with more than 500 Artists and actively represented almost 300 of them.

He also created apprenticeship programs for exceptional young people interested in the field of Art and Design. The best were recommended to Guggenheim Museum in Venice and Metropolitan Museum in NYC.

Throughout his career he worked closely with community leaders, businesses and cultural institutions by engaging in creative collaborations and hosting special philanthropic and fundraising events.

In 2015 Wojtek closed his last Art Gallery and moved to more personalized Art Promotions, Art Consulting and Art Sales  dedicating a lot of his time to helping others reaching their personal and artistic goals. 

He has recently returned to his other passion for composing, writing, recording and producing his own music. His first album "Insuppressible" was released in July of 2021 under artistic name Velocity of Youth. The second album UHO (Unidentified Human Object) was released in January 2024.

His entrepreneurial spirit will be soon put to use in a couple of new business ventures, but without compromising on his love for art and music.

Wojtek Pilczynski at Los Angeles Museum.

"Wojtek is a “welcoming presence” to all those he encounters.  Whether in the gallery, on the street, or in community gatherings, he exhibits great hospitality and openness to all persons with whom he is engaged.  His personal style enables him to move easily and freely with persons of all socio-economic levels, providing a “welcoming space” where new relationships are forged and shaped. [...] As a “human resource” person as well, Wojtek has the ability to help persons discover their own strengths and talents which can be utilized for the sake of their own or corporate success.  I am always amazed at his ability to affirm people, bringing out their best efforts which make a difference in their jobs, lives, and places where they serve.”


Dr. Wes Lites - Professor of Philosophy, Educator and Community Leader                                                                                      


“As a community leader, it is very rare to have a new business that has had the impact on local philanthropic interests that the FAF Gallery has shown.  With the collaboration of his talented and dynamic wife, their gallery has become a center of influence for events including the governor, mayor, and virtually the majority of cultural institutions in our city.”


Dick Wilson - Senior Vice President, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management


“There are only a handful of creative directors who have personally brought their programs up to the high level of creative excellence that Wojtek Pilczynski has reached.  Among the few that have, Wojtek Pilczynski is the only individual I know that has achieved excellence via meaningful, cross-cultural initiatives and innovative thinking [...] Wojtek Pilczynski is exemplary as a motivator, a leader and an involved humanitarian who truly lives up to the description of someone who cares for his mission, his work, his creativity and the entire community that includes us in the Hispanic Latino community.”


Ben Ruiz - The Mayor’s Office for Globalization’s Magnificent 7 International Council

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